A lot happens in 1,000 days. Especially to a baby. From conception to about age 2, a child’s body isn’t the only thing growing like crazy. This is also the fastest period of key brain development, including parts of the brain that impact language processing, attention, and even vision and hearing. All that growth requires plenty of nutrients such as iron, protein, and vitamins. In developing countries, many new moms simply don’t have access to the proper nutrition that fuels such growth for their babies. Oftentimes, they lack the education and medical guidance that will give their babies the best start possible. And when a baby begins life malnourished or unhealthy, it’s an uphill battle to catch up through infancy, childhood, and even adulthood. However, kids who thrive before they’re born, and who receive adequate nutrition and health care as babies, are better prepared to stay healthy, fight infection, grow strong bodies, succeed in school, get jobs as adults, and contribute to the prosperity of their communities! You can see that the first 1,000 days are like building blocks that have lifelong impact on children…families…communities. That’s why Group Publishing is excited to partner with our friends at World Vision. The kids at your VBS can provide funds to help moms and babies get the brightest beginning they can! A $10 donation will help women and children in communities throughout Zambia. These donations provide… • community health worker visits to pregnant women to give them the important information and help they need (like we get from doctors in our communities!). • help monitoring children’s growth and nutrition. • vitamin A to prevent blindness and reduce risk of illness or death from common infections. • education for moms and dads on the food and nutrients their children need, where to find them in their own communities, and how to prepare them. Join us in making a long-lasting impact across the globe! Just drop your donation into the Operation Kid-to-Kid Giving Tree display, and add a Living Leaves Sticker to the tree. Soon our tree will be a growing, vibrant reminder of all the lives you’re reaching through your donation.